You Can Have a Beautiful Wedding Regardless of Your Budget

You Can Have a Beautiful Wedding Regardless of Your Budget

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Many couples strive to have a wedding like the ones they see on TV or in bridal magazines. But this is so unrealistic that it actually sets you up for disappointment. It is a wiser approach to plan a wedding that puts the focus on the couple and not on extravagant extras. This article can help yous decide what is important for your wedding.

Choose a venue that is willing to work with your schedule. Sometimes, the room rent will be completely waived by the facility if you use a certain amount of their catering and concession services. This can be a great way to save on renting a venue, especially since weddings are so expensive.

When you are planning your wedding, consider flowers that are in season and will fit in your wedding decor. This will help save you money instead of spending a lot to get the special order orchids that are not in even in season.

Consider holding your reception at a hotel or Inn. Not only will it be a safety feature for guests who may consume too much alcohol at your reception, but it can be rather convenient for you and your groom as well. The hotel may provide a discount for guests when you block off several rooms in advance and you may get your hotel room for free when you book your reception there.

As noted above, dream weddings exist only on television and in bridal magazines. Real people have real weddings that are sometimes low key but nevertheless beautiful events. The couple should be the center of the wedding, not the decorations and details. By adopting some of these ideas, you can have a beautiful wedding without an extravagant budget.

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